Lovelies, i've changed my blog !
toodles ! :D

Stressed from my school work,exams. Work stress. Family stress.
Only manage to get out once in awhile to unwind abit & i get nagged for nothing. 
like srsly whats wrong with me going out to unwind abit?! sigh. i srsly wished my new nest will be ready asap.mum's right and yes i admit i did not spend much time with my bbygirl, seeing her everyday but, i spent less than 3hrs daily. everyday either i have projects or i gotta study for my exams. i have no time for my girl. im such a failure. reached home and i see her sleeping already. Only able to spend some bonding time with her on weekends when there's no class on Saturdays  I'm Sorry my princess. mummy wanna study and get a better job that i can give you a better life, a good and fun childhood that u will remember. Please bear with me till i get my diploma cert in another half a year's time. 

Back date to last night. 
It was finally a night where i can relax, destress and let my hair down. Its been long since i've drink and club too. So Mum gave me the responsibility to fetch my sister off from work as sis ends really late about 3am at fullerton hotel. since i cant stay at home as i will definitely fall asleep, I joined my friends and colleagues at helipad to have a drink. Drank alot, vomitted twice. danced till i happy die. My colleagues and friends were shocked and surprise to see me in such a wild state. ( This is the first time as i only dared to dance infront of my few best girlfriends for the past few clubbing times. >.< ) hubby waited for me downstairs aft he ended work for 2 hrs as i enjoyed myself. He didn't like to mix ard in clubs. didn't force him to club with me, as i have proved myself i can limit and control myself to drinking. he trusted me. Thanks hubbylove. <3 font="font" nbsp="nbsp">
after which walked to fullerton from the central ! (cant believe i can still walk so far aft i am half drunk.) LOL!  Waited for sis to end work at 3.30am and went home. such a memorable night as i enjoyed myself last night. wished that last night wouldn't even end ! tsk. im not a clubber. i club to destress and have some fun for maybe once every few mths. next clubbing session is already set in november with my colleagues as another farewell. haha. alrights i gotta start mugging and get buried into my books now. exams is jus next week ! toodles!

A picture of my princess with a sweet smile~ love you my princess wenxin. <3 font="font" nbsp="nbsp">

Its been long since i've blogged !
Great news is that i have been accepted into school ! & have already gone thru my first module exam of my diploma ! time files ! 2 mths just past by.
Company's moving to the new place have been delayed due to some paper work not done ! & its the 7th mth now ! so cant move anything till aft 7th mth then can move ! Sobx !
Work for me ?! i have nothing to comment, cause when i comment, i cant stop ! so i shall nt say anything here!
ok. back to work ! blog later ! :D

Since i have nothing to do. Thus i shall update my blog. 

1) Cant wait for my company to move to tampines in a mths time ! 
So much nearer to my house as its jus 15-30mins of journey (depending on the traffic though) :D

2) I applied for my Diploma course through CDAC in hope to get funding from them as i do not have much $$$ to pay for my course fees. 
Total Course Fee: S$4,868.50* Excluding textbooks somemore( but i already got friends to pass down their textbooks to me ! ) & thru CDAC sponsored fee i only need to pay $228 for the whole diploma course ! which of course i have to meet to their requirements of at least 80% attendance and sit for all exams. 
Those who failed to do so would have to refund the sponsored fee ($4322). 
so i must and will pass all exams and attend 100% classes. :) 
Called CDAC to confirmed on my application and said that my application has been approved and asked me to wait for the letter to come. 
Called PSB too, to enquire on the latest date i can send my CDAC letter and application tgt, and i was told that as i was a continue student in PSB i do not need to pay for the registration fee ! all i need to do is to send them my application and they will secure a place for me in the AUG intake. till i receive my CDAC letter then i email it to them ! Happygirl89 ! I die die must get this diploma cert ! :)

Alrights toodles ! Time for me to continue my work. :x 

I guess i will not abandon my blog?! 
i'll try to update and not let my blog rot ! 
though i dont know who will read it, i will just take it as my online diary. :D 

To all mothers i know and to my mum as well ~ 

i have nothing much to say ! so here's few pictures of my lil princess. :D Enjoy these cute little pictures of my lil darling ! <3 

My cutee little princess, giving me so many surprises and different facial expressions everytime! 
Loving you more and more each day ! <3 

My blog's super duper duper dead ! i always have either no time, or lazy to blog ! >.<
oh well. 
Life's as normal,
i feel like a jailbird. Working with my mum alrdy 1 point, another thing, i cant go out even if i bring my bbygirl on sats/suns also not allowed ! PRACTICALLY 24HRS in a prison. 

if I wanna go out i gotta say a white lie, & when i lie i dont feel good, in the end i never go out or i just dont care and go out. otherwise, i have to put my bbygirl to sleep first before i can go out which is alrdy 10-11pm then i can head out. when i head out ard tt timing, my mum will also scold me say so late, no time to sleep and rest for the next day of work. SO ?! i'm like 24hrs in JAIL ! 

another thing, whenever i say i wanna bring bbygirl to my inlaws, she forbids me as well ! why? they cause me hurt, hurl bad words at me when i was pregnant and there were some misunderstandings which i guess it wont be settle till i die or whoever dies. (*TOUCH WOOD*) so my mum says, they treat you like tt why must u go over. I told my mum, i am married to the koh family, Its my basic respect to go over and visit them as and when i am free ! she kept quiet then continued her naggings ~ hais. where is my freedom? where is my respect? what did i do to have this? 

work life sucks for me, i wanna change job. I heard somethings bad about me frm a colleague, which in turn i did not do them at all ! okay maybe some but STILL both partys are at fault. I tried to click with them, but somehow i dont knw why i cant click. i feel like i'm a loner at work. they got for lunch, nobody called me along, they have tea break, same thing. ask for help no one answered to me, organise a small little gathering no one replied. 

i think i shall stop rantings here, wise i get naggy and more naggy. 
Ciao ~


I'm Number 1 and my good match is my hubby number 3. :)

What’s your number?

If you were born on the:
  • 1st, 10th, 19th, 28th of any month you are number 1.
  • 2nd, 11th, 20th, 29th of any month then you are number 2.
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  • 4th, 13th, 22nd, 31st of any month then you are Number 4.
  • 5th, 14th, 23rd of any month then you are number 5.
  • 6th, 15th, 24th of any month then you are number 6.
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  • 8th, 17th, 26th of any month then you are number 8.
  • 9th, 18th, 27th of any month then you are number 9.

Number 1
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will be very popular. You can go anywhere from the local shop to the heart of
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your life you will always have some people who will work hard to bring you &
your name down. Because of your intelligence, some might hate you. You are a
pioneer, independent & original your best match is 4, 6, 8 while a good match
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Number 2
No matter what, every one will love you because you are ruled by the Moon. You
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December bonus ! :D
My pay is in !!! & 1/3 of it will go gone tdy ! All to pay up my Debts and mthly payments !
2 more days to company's xmas party and love's birthday celebration ! And long holiday till 3rd jan then go back to work ! Yay !
4 more days to love's and evan's actual birthday and xmas !
5 more days to my genting trip !
10 days to NEW YEAR !
1 month to CNY !
4 months to TAIWAN TRIP ! Hahaha
Gonna start to save for taiwan trip and buy some clothes for myself for CNY ! 😊😊😊💗💓💗💓💗

Done with Changing my blogskin !
this blog of mine is super duper DEAD ! been mths since i've blogged.
short update of my lil princess.
Her heart surgery is finally done and she's recovering real well !
-Started to walk when she's in her 14mths.
-3 mre tooths spotted at 13mths. total 4 tooths
-loves to bite on thigh and fingers !
-drinks 200 - 240ml of milk now.
-loves porridge and herbal soup !
-loves her baby snacks too.
-knws most of her body parts.
-knws when we are angry, happy or serious.
-always sai nai when she feels ignored.
-snatching my phone always !
-messing my room till so happy.
-loves to growl like a tiger when nobody plays or talks to her !
-giving cheeky faces when we get angry, and then we parents soft heart.
-Fake cry is her love ! LOL !

For myself.
i wished my mum wasn't menopausing.
she nags and scolds for nth ! and when she start, its never ending.
I agree that being a mum isn't easy.
We have to sacrifice lots of things that we always wanted.But i ain't asking alot !
i jus want to hang out maybe once a week,
going out at night aft my work time for that few hrs to relax my mind to gain back my old self is that alot to ask for?
Hubby works in the F&B line. expected to have no weekends off, i knw that he's spending less time with us (wife and baby) but he's doing this is also to earn money, give us a better life. i ain't asking much frm him.
i'm stuck in between my in-laws and my family. i wanna make both happy but i cant seem to. being in the middle is no small thing. i want my in-laws to change their mindset of me that i'm nt a bad DIL. and at the same time, my mum is stopping me from doing tt, jus because they did nt really accept me as a DIL in the first place which i agree... still me and fw are legally married now and they are my Mother in law and Father in law, i have to respect them. sigh. this ain't stopping till i have my own flat i guess.
Money issues, r/s issues. :(
shall stop here, else i'll jus go on and on and on.

For my lil family?
We got successful in the recent BTO flats in sengkang !
got our letter to go down and choose our flat this 20th nov ! :D
hopefully we can get what we wanted ! Anchorvale Harvest ! heehee
& my flat is also another prob to mum.
she goes ard saying i purposely dont want to get a 4 rm flat cuz i dont want her to stay with me,
like come on! me and hubby's pay add up gross only 3k. able to get a 3rm flat alrdy good enuf, 4rm flat is way to high stress on our finance! and also not say i do not want my mum to stay with me.
Its jus nt now when our financial is nt stable. when my financial is stable, able to get a bigger flat, i'll then ask if mum and dad wants to stay with us. she jus dont understand. Ppl may think i'm failur daughter. :(
OK ! i shall stop here for now ! before i get even more naggy ! :x

CherieLOVE is organizing a birthday celebration for me with my bitches and friends a week before my bday !
cuz on the actual day i intend to bring my family out for a good dinner ! :)
& ALSO MY TAIWAN TRIP with hubbylove, cherielove and ajdarling !
Confirmed tickets and accommodation ! flying on the 26th April ! (i knw still long way) :x
CANT WAIT for both my bday and taiwan trip ! YAY !

Its been REAL REAL LONG since i've blogged !
been really busy with work and once i reach home, i'll take care of bbygirl.
Been watching huan zhu gege and a few taiwan dramas online ! :D
but lazy to update blog! hahaha
An hr more to the hungry ghost festival gate opening !
Friends and families take care and be careful ohh !
Mummies try to be home before sunset whenever we bring our kids out ! :D be safe ! heehee
In a weeks time will be my lil princes's Royal 1st party !
Cant wait cant wait !
and in a mths time will be my princess's operation le !
pray for her speedy recovery and smooth operation !
Wen Xin must be strong ohh ! mummy, daddy, ah ma, ah gong, mama, gong gong, and other family members will be beside u throughout ur operation ! <3

Toodles ! bbygirl is asleep and i shall continue my show ! :D

Wen Xin my lil princess...
mummy and daddy loves you !

Raine WenXin Mummy ♥♥♥♥♥

Mamachan/juju is known to most people.
Herr First cries - 19th Nov!
Works PCS-Security PTE LTD

Am aYoungMummy!

Married to Hubbylove & had
a precious lil baby girl WenXin

A very random & hyper girl who
is a CrazyLover of WinnieThePooh ♥

HubbyLove ♥♥♥♥♥


My husband & a father to princess Wenxin♥♥♥♥♥
He is the only one who is there for me whenever i needed him
Though we may quarrel at times, but still u'll make me happy
We have been through all ups and downs, thick and thin
He might not be the perfect man,
but he is the most wonderful man i ever met!
i love you hubby.
Till Death Do Us Part♥

My Princess ♥♥♥




Baby Wen Xin♥
Arrived on 18th August 2010
Gestation Period : 36Weeks
Delivered by: Dr Woo
@ Mount Alvernia Hospital
Natural w/o Epidural


My Love Cherie SMNEONEO
♥6 lovely years♥
My Sweetheart Aw QiuRui
♥4 lovely years♥

♥Together we have walked through different phrases of life,
been through ups and downs, but we're still together, still strong.
That's the way it will always be.♥

Many years of friendship & still counting.♥
♥ I love you my bitches ♥

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